Put the master’s touch on your ship models with your own rope. The Ropewalk lets you turn ordinary thread into realistic 3-strand scale rope quickly and easily. No complicated mechanics, bobbins, rails or trucks. Our Ropewalk has only two main parts – the gear head and the tail end. It lays up (twists) any thread or cordage into high quality rope in all the necessary lengths and diameter to fully rig your model.
Best of all, you’ll have a great time experimenting with different cordages to see what you get. You can make larger diameter lines for larger scales, such as anchor hawsers, tow lines, shrouds and stays by starting with two, or even three strands. Also great for western-motif kits such as stagecoaches or covered wagons & Civil War artillery.
• Easy to assemble and operate
• Laser cut basswood parts
• High quality nylon gears
• Two diameters of brass tubing
• All necessary hardware
• Illustrated assembly and operating instructions


MS-110 PRICE:  $ 49.95

ProductID: MS-110
Price: 49.95