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By Hans Spielberger of Loyalhanna Dockyard




††††††††† When installing Running Gear, whether single or dual, it is essential that the prop shaft and the motor shaft be in as nearly perfect alignment as possible.† This not only minimizes vibration, but also significantly reduces drag, and thereby current drawn by the motor.


††††††††† An easy way to do this makes it less of a chore.† Since the position of the prop shaft is dictated by the shape of the hull and any struts and also the size and location of the prop.† The shaft and stuffing box should be permanently installed first.† Be sure that the shaft is long enough so that the motor will clear the bottom of the hull when installed.


††††††††† Now fasten the universal joint to the prop shaft, leaving the motor end free.† Obtain a piece of brass hobby tubing just long enough and large enough to fit tightly over the universal joint and cover itís entire length.† Slip this over the universal and slide the motor shaft into the free end.† The motor is now perfectly aligned.† Make a mount to hold the motor in this position and voila!

You are done.† Remove the motor and the brass tube, remount the motor, and you should have a perfectly aligned drive train.


††††††††† In the event that the circumference of the universal is not circular, or the outside diameter of each end is different.† An alternative method is to obtain tubing to fit the largest of either the motor shaft or the prop shaft.† Cut this to a length equal to that of the assembled universal.† Insert short pieces of telescoping tubing into the end receiving the smaller shaft until a tight fit on this shaft is obtained.† Slip over the shafts (without the universal) and proceed as before.


††††††††† A good motor and drive shaft installation will do much to produce a quiet, efficient well running model.


††††††††† For additional information, or to obtain the materials as described above, contact Loyalhanna Dockyard.